The B2B Shop


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Shop stock items quick and easy when it suits you – The B2B shop is open 24/7.
More than just a shop


(the menu at the bottom left)

  • ”Invoiced & Track & Trace” Here you will find all your invoices and delivery notes.
    You will also find a direct link for tracking your parcels.
  • ” Orders & Confirmations” Here you will find all your order confirmations.
  • ” Image Bank” Here you can find all our pack shots and model pictures,
    which are in our system. (If you need high resolution pictures for
    advertisements, press etc., please contact us by email
  • ”Help” Here you will find lots of video guides of how to use the B2B shop and
    further explanation of all its features.
  • ”Contact”  This is just our contact information at the main office


Consumer Mode

  • Let your customers have a look at your screen, by choosing “consumer mode”.
    Then you will only be able to see the recommended retail price, plus all other
    relevant information and pictures for the end consumer.


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