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Pardon Clothing

Pardon Clothing A/S is a well consolidated and solid fashion company with great experience from the business. Our portfolio consists in total of eight brands – primarily with focus on plus size.

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With eigth brands Pardon Clothing A/S offers clothing of high quality for both young and mature women in size 36 – 60

Pardon Clothing have since the establishment in the year 2000 designed and produced clothes of high quality to fashionable women – with focus on plus size. Over the years we have specialized in clothing for the more mature audience with our Pont Neuf brand, while we with the acquisition of ADIA Fashion in 2019 have expanded our position in the plus size-segment as well as added a younger look to our brand portfolio.

With the Elton and Elinette brands we also offer elegant styles, that shines for both everyday and party.

Our portfolio of brands – as you can read more about below – today consists of:
Pont Neuf, ADIA, Elinette, Sempre piú, aprico, CHALOU, CHOISE and Elton

Our brands

Pont Neuf

Pont Neuf is created on the idea of simple and comfortable “easy-to-wear”-fashion, that gives the feeling of freedom for women with fokus on tops, tunics and dresses.


For CHOISE it is essential that the clothes are comfortable to wear and so the concept of comfort is always in thought when it comes to materials, design and fit.


ADIA is the attractive new brand for plus size women, where stylish, raw and casual meet – coordinated in a feminin look. Giving women a wardrobe of everything they need.


aprico is the collection that stands out from the crowd with its audacious print, feminine finish and bold colours.


CHALOU is the sporty and relaxed collection with a modern twist and is unique by the ability to crisscross combinations. 

Sempre piú

Sempre piú is based on the idea of a high quality fresh and colorful fashion collection. The clothes attracts attention with unique prints and details.


Elinette is fokused on the fashionable, confident and modern woman, who loves to dress stylish and comfortable whether it is for everyday or party.


Elton offers a complete concept for the wardrobe of the fashionable and stylish woman, and is known for the great processing and unique fabrics.